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90 Stanhope Rd
Germiston, GP, 1401
South Africa

Welcome to New Power Tractors!

New Power Tractors is a farming equipment company based in South Africa which mainly offers farming equipment to Southern Africa including Zimbabwe, DRC, Namibia and of course throughout South Africa. Being a division of Hopstein Engineering means that a farming solution can almost always be arranged, no matter what the need. 

Our main objective is to provide the local and rural farmer with all farming requirements at an affordable, yet effective way. All spares are readily available, including the infrastructure to repair all products sold with exceptional service guaranteed. 

We believe in efficiency which is why we keep a constant stock of tractors, as well as a vast supply of implements including ones such as disc plows, shear plows, rotovators, planters...

We are especially proud of our two-wheel tractors as we view them as a sustainable solution to the agricultural needs of Africa, seeing that they are affordable and highly versatile.